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All the latest comings and goings, direct from the Bearmint gang!

Let's Talk APIs...

There ain't nothin' worse than a breakdown in communications, especially between two applications. Today we'll discuss Railway, the API fer Bearmint that you'll be needin' to familiarize yerself with!

Fairly Electin' Validators!

Validators need to be elected, partners! But in order to make this happen, we got to have some sort of reliable process in place! So with that, let's learn how to create a fair mechanism fer electin' validators!

Makin' an Amazin' Changelog!

Developers need to make sure they record critical changes in a way that's easy fer folks to understand. But what exactly makes a good changelog? Well, just read this here post if you want to find out!

Learnin' Yer ASBCs...

While smart contracts may seem like an easy solution fer developers to use, there's many underlyin' problems with 'em. Let's take a closer look at Application-Specific Blockchains (ASBCs) and why they're the superior choice!

Time to Reward Them Validators!

If yer runnin' a blockchain, you may just need yerself a mechanism to reward validators! If that's what you require, then today's guide is just the ticket!

Get Yer Delegator Rewards!

We're back with another guide fer ya, partners! Today we'll learn ourselves a little somethin' about buildin' and implementin' delegator rewards!

Why Integration Testin' Is Real Important!

In our last blog we covered the fundamentals of unit tests. This time we'll focus on integration tests and how to create 'em as fast and effectively as possible!

Unit Testin' the Right Way!

If you wanna make sure yer application functions right, you gotta make sure yer tests are watertight! Let's take some time to discuss unit testin' and why it's so important in the development process.

Get to Know Them Nodes!

A blockchain ain't just one thing, Pilgrims! Nope, as the name implies, there are a whole lot of movin' parts that make a blockchain what it is. Now let's learn a little more about the different node types you'll encounter when workin' with Bearmint!

Don't Let Delegators Act Up!

Sometimes delegators make poor decisions, or they knowingly support bad validators - today's guide covers how to build and implement a slashin' mechanism fer delegators!

When You Gotta Slash Validators...

It's time once again fer another guide, folks - today we'll cover how to introduce' a slashin' mechanism fer validators...

Gotta Set That Gas!

Yippee-ki-yay friends! We got another guide fer ya, this time on how to implement a gas meter fer yer application!

Sign on the Dotted Line!

We've got another fantastic guide ready for you, amigos! Today we'll take a closer look at how to build and implement digital signatures!

Time Fer Some Public Keys!

Now that you know how to create a private key fer a key pair, it's time to learn how to create the other - a public key!

In Need of a Private Key?

Heard yer lookin' fer a way to build and implement private keys, partner. Thankfully ol' Buck has you covered! Just follow this helpful guide and it'll be smooth sailin' fer sure!

Gettin' Them Key Pairs!

It's time to learn how to build and implement BLS12-381 key pairs partners! This here guide is exactly what you need to get the job done!

Creatin' and Implementin' Addresses!

Hopefully you now know how to build and implement transactions, but what about addresses? This here guide will walk you through everythin' you need to know!

Make Yer Contributions!

Wanna know how to pitch in and help Buckley and the Bearmint Gang achieve their goals? Well, here's how to go about doin' it, Pilgrim!

Buildin' Them Transactions!

Every good blockchain developer should know how to build and implement transactions. Luckily we've got just the thing yer lookin' fer! Let's take a closer look and find out how it's all done!

These Varmints Have Us Cornered!

Ain't nothin' worse than bein' attacked by bandits, 'specially when you least expect it! Well, Buckley and the Bearmint Gang may be outnumbered...but we're never outgunned!

Name and Address Please!

Buckley knows different folks have different needs, so he made doubly sure that we here at Bearmint have plenty of address algorithms on offer...but which one is best fer you?

Doin' the Math on Security!

Folks, Buckley ain't the brightest bear around, but he knows the developers at Bearmint have got his back! We've got plenty of algorithms to choose from...but which one is right fer you?

We Struck Gold!

Yee-haw! There ain't nothin' as satisfyin' as receivin' rewards, except maybe givin' them out! Find out more about validator and delegator rewards in today's blog post!

Everythin' Has Its Price...

Today we take a gander at fees as well as the available options and what they're used for. Fees greatly influence the way yer blockchain works, so read on and get to grips with how to use 'em!

The Good, the Bad, and the Slashed!

Friends, it's an honorable thing to reward good behavior...but sometimes ya gotta get serious and serve up some just desserts for negligence and lack of scruples! So learn to behave partners, or your stake just might get slashed!

Keepin' the Ranch Safe!

In the digital Wild West, safety ain't always guaranteed. That's why Buck and ourselves have come up with a sure-fire way to better protect validators goin' forward! Read on and you'll see what we mean...

Tendermint! What in Tarnation is That!?

If you've been following our blog, then you've seen Tendermint mentioned on more than one occasion...but what exactly is it? And why in the Sam Hill is it so important?

Buckley's Blockchain Beginnings

Well amigos, it's time to learn a little more about the origins of our beloved mascot Buckley, and if you wanna know the answer to 'Why Bearmint?' and the significance of the logo, well...read this post!

Bearmint's Place in the ARK Ecosystem

Hello again Pilgrim! The time has come to learn why Bearmint exists and exactly where it fits into the ARK Ecosystem. We can assure you that Bearmint is here for a good reason and that our development plans include everything that makes ARK Core great! So saddle up fer a history lesson like no other and see which direction this here train ride is headed!

Howdy Pilgrim! Buckley's Journey Begins!

Welcome to the domain of Buckley the Bear and his fantastic TypeScript blockchain adventure! Find out more about Bearmint, exactly what it is, and where we plan to take it in the future. Learn about our core values and meet our prospectin' ursine mascot, Buckley...don't worry, we promise he's a friendly feller!